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Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking - One4Review

Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking

| On 04, Aug 2013


John Hinton breathes much humour and enlightenment in his lively portrayal of Albert Einstein. Musical comedy is not the most obvious way to convey theoretical physics but John Hinton’s script and Tangram Theatre Company’s approach works wonderfully well.

Using volunteers from the audience as theoretical courting couples, the Theory of Relatively, both Special and General, do become intelligible. These practical demonstrations lead into musical items taken at a frenetic pace. Jo Eagle, as Elsa (Einstein’s second wife), provides the musical accompaniment on keyboards. The musical highlight was a hip-hop version of E=mc2 with finger actions to convey each letter of the equation. Great fun! 

The imaginary lecture does range over space and time. The starting point is 1933 when Einstein settled in the USA after fleeing from Nazi Germany. During his exposition, he recalls the discoveries he made as a young man in 1905 and poignantly he describes the dropping of the atomic bombs in 1945.Such an event he never envisaged when he embraced theoretical physics in the early years of the 20th Century. 

If at school the Theory of Relativity seemed beyond understanding, then this show should give some insight as well as a bundle of laughs and enjoyment along the way.    

Reviewed by Ben 

Pleasance Courtyard; 33                           

31 July to 26 August 2013 (not 6, 13, 20)

14.25 – 15.25

Fringe Programme Page Number: 255

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