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Alistair Barrie: Universal Adapter 5Star ***** - One4Review

Alistair Barrie: Universal Adapter 5Star *****

| On 16, Aug 2013

Sometimes I wonder about the justice in the comedy world. Alistair Barrie for me is a great comic and yet although garnering 5 star reviews and being runner-up in a big comedy award last year’s Fringe cost him ten grand.

His year Barrie has become another who has taken to the Free Fringe where he seems to be having fun, getting big audiences and not getting a small countries national debt along the way.

Barrie is a topical comic so there is a whole raft of material on recent events even though he missed a lot while on holiday, he talks nationalities and politics, the weather and sporting triumphs together with writing a new segment of material based on audience suggestion daily.

But a large part was devoted to getting older, he’s a mere stripling of 41, and the changes that have taken place in his life since moving in with his girlfriend.

No matter what he is talking about it is well written, keenly observed and bitingly funny and delivered as only he can. Surely this is a must show for any thinking individual.

As part of the Free Fringe entry is free but a bucked collection is made prior to leaving. With some tickets elsewhere costing £15-00 surely a foldable donation is in order for this quality show.


Reviewed by Geoff

The Dram House 207 Cowgate

Until 24 August

20.30 to 21.30


  1. debi ford

    I was privileged to catch his show last Sunday and happily left a folded thank you. Very very funny. Excellent timing. Comic genius. This man is more comedian than a lot of the ones I have watched on tv over the years.I wish him lots of luck & will be looking out for him on tv in the near future

  2. Peter Buckley Hill

    This show is not part of the Free Festival as stated. It is proudly part of the original and genuine Free Fringe. I’d appreciate it if all reviewers could understand the difference between the two and give our shows (and indeed theirs) the correct attribution.

    • one4review

      Point taken Peter and updated review to reflect

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