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Ed Byrne – Roaring Forties 5 Star ***** - One4Review

Ed Byrne – Roaring Forties 5 Star *****

| On 16, Aug 2013

!998 was the first Edinburgh show that I saw this skinny long haired Irishman perform at and 14 years on even though we are both a bit older not much has changed. Byrne was hilarious them and he still is today, he still is skinny and has long hair but is now a family man in his early 40’s.

Byrne immaculately turned out in suit and tie bonds on stage playing air guitar and launches into a set chocker block with anecdotes as he commands the vast EICC space for the next hour.

Acting out was something he confined to stage earlier in his life, but now feels the need to do it all the time. Hilarious examples of this while at a Speed Awareness course even while having an operation have the audience in stitches, but if the truth were told there wasn’t any material that didn’t go down extremely well.

Scottish Independence, politics sport and his kid also bore a more than passing segment of the set as the comedy maestro played his audience as only he can.

I’m sure the clock was going double time, he was finishing waaay to soon for all. I can’t wait till the next one.


Reviewed by Geoff


Until 25 August

21.20 to 22.20

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