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The Amazing Bubble Man 3*** - One4Review

The Amazing Bubble Man 3***

| On 03, Aug 2014

The Amazing Bubble Man has well and truly become on of the most dependable regular fixtures here at the Fringe. And he never fails to delight the children in the audience who all clamber to achieve the status of helper. We had smoky bubbles, tornados in a bubble and bubbles sticking to the rather grand ceiling of The Assembly Rooms.

The children are captivated from the off and hang on his every word.The show has grown somewhat over the years with a quite significant venue change, thus making it easier to get a ticket for the show and become a fan of the Bubbleman. I know how easy it is done, I have been talked into going to see this show for the last four years and my daughter loves it every time.

This brings me to my only slight criticism (and it is slight.) For the last four years the show has remained mostly unchanged, there have been new bits added now and then but, by and large, it is the same show each year. It would be great to see some new material as it is a very entertaining show. That said though, this is a children’s show and they love it and I would still recommend anyone with children to go along and see his show.

Assembly Rooms, George street.

1 -24 August. 10.50am.

Reviewed by Kath

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