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Owen O’Neill - Red Noise 3*** - One4Review

Owen O’Neill – Red Noise 3***

| On 11, Aug 2014

I have known Owen O’Neill as a really funny stand-up, I have seen Owen O’Neill as a very good actor but until recently didn’t know of Owen O’Neill the poet and author. It seems almost unfair that this likeable guy has so many abilities within his slight frame, but he has… and then some.

The show Red Noise is basically him reading some of his poetry and prose, with some background information linking it all together seamlessly delivered as always in his soft Irish brogue. I don’t claim to be the biggest poetry buff, it is a medium I generally admire from a distance but took a chance on this hour and have to say I was well impressed by what I heard. But then it was O’Neill after all so I really shouldn’t have been surprised.

A fair amount of the content came from his latest collection strangely entitled Licking the Matchbox and if you enjoy the show as much as the audience at the performance I attended did, then the man will be happy to sell you a copy after the show.

Reviewed by Geoff

Assembly Rooms Studio One

15.45 to 16.45



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