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Rob Deering – Music Face 4**** - One4Review

Rob Deering – Music Face 4****

| On 18, Aug 2014

Rob Deering is a comedian who is always at the Fringe in seems and he is always guaranteed to produce a very good comedy / music show always featuring heavily his trusty guitar and his myriad of effect and looping pedals for the axe and mic.

This year is another instalment of this continuing saga and why not? He has the formula right, his music, his funny songs, his pleasant smiley nature and a passion to entertain. And all always he succeeds at every level.

Deering’s undoubted skills with the techy stuff, ably demonstrated live on stage, still amaze me even after all these years. He generates so much repeat business, because with his blend of skills and pithy one liners and an appealing style of delivery there is almost universal appeal. His dissection of early 90’s music on this occasion is as usual spot on. He creates an infernally catchy song based on my favourite morning beverage, which is a total earworm that I can never have this again without the image of him singing the hook.

Watch out for flying helicopters too, these can cause a bit of mayhem in the venue.

Reviewed by Geoff

Assembly Rooms Studio Two

19.45 to 20.45


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