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Al Porter: Is Yours 4**** - One4Review

Al Porter: Is Yours 4****

| On 22, Aug 2015

 This is a fantastic debut show from this young Irish Comedian whose looks and mannerisms are a cross between Frankie Howard and Leslie Crowther. Al is a funny, funny comedian with a bright future ahead of him. He had the audience in stitches from the off, his tales of growing up on a council estate in Dublin, his relationship with his parents and how his mother knew he was gay because he had no fear of the thought of the ‘man’ coming to take him away like her other kids had. His audience interaction is also hilarious, he judges situations well and selects people he knows will be up for a laugh, he’s in no way confrontational or intimidating. He also tells us a bit about his experiences of dating and his brush with the priesthood among other topics.

The hour absolutely flies by and Al really gives it his all with even the knees of his suit soaking with sweat, it is a really hot room. At only 22 his self-assurance, delivery and timing are tremendous and I feel he’s only scratching the surface with the tales he has to tell, I’m sure he could have gone on for much longer and the audience would happily have stayed to hear him.

His show is proving so popular, often selling out, he’s even had to put a couple of extra late night shows on and I can completely understand why.


Reviewed by Sharon

Gilded Balloon Turrett

Until 31st

21.15 to 22.15 (with extra shows on 28th and 29th at 23.45)


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