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Holly Burn: I am Kirsty K 4**** - One4Review

Holly Burn: I am Kirsty K 4****

| On 24, Aug 2015


There is no doubt that Holly Burn, oops that should be Kirsty K, is an artiste that gives her all to her show, and she is never afraid if being different, a few years ago she did her show in the flat she had rented for August! This year she has vowed to be Kirsty for the duration of the Fringe, 24 hrs a day. Commitment or what.

From the onset Kirsty K appears to have gathered us all together as friends of her much travelled Nan, to deliver a eulogy following her recent death.

Kirsty has never been anywhere but Whitley Bay her home town and finds it all a little daunting, but as the show progresses she seems less intimidated.

Using the whole range of her skills, and she has a multitude, Ms Burn has written and performed a slightly surreal, funny, somewhat chaotic and crazy hour of entertainment that just has to be seen. Audience participation is actively sought as the forth wall is not only broken but smashed to smithereens.

It is impossible not to like this creation, leave any preconceptions at the door and just enjoy the proceedings.


Reviewed by Geoff

Just The Tonic at the Mash House

Until 30th August

18.20 to 19.20



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