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Mark Forward presents Mark Forward 3*** - One4Review

Mark Forward presents Mark Forward 3***

| On 21, Aug 2015

There is a lot of industry interest in Mark Forward. This Canadian came over with a rep from the other side of the pond, but the public have either not caught on or are choosing to go elsewhere.

There is no doubt the man has presence as he takes to the stage, he has his own surreal style of telling stories, he tinkers with instruments but all the devises don’t really seem to cut it with the bijou audience I watched with. The lack of audience reaction going with him led him to proclaim ‘It’s not real’ or later advising us to turn off’ The What!!!’ segment in the brain. That was definitely a pointer.

We had chipmunks suffering domestic violence, we had a store selling fancy hats, we had musical bits, some crowd work and a lengthy discussion between a journalist and his editor. All this was well received at times but I got the feel we the audience were required to put in more work than at most other shows. Some however loved it and there was a standing ovation from one lady at the end.


Reviewed by Geoff

Gilded Balloon Wine Bar

Until 31st August (not 27th)

21.30 to 22.30

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