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Mark Simmons: Laugh Yourself Thin 5***** - One4Review

Mark Simmons: Laugh Yourself Thin 5*****

| On 14, Aug 2015

This show is absolutely jam packed with jokes throughout and the audience must have burned off as many calories as a good workout as they were sore from laughing at the end.

Mark Simmons is a master of one liners and silly puns but he gives more depth to his show than just that. His delivery and comedic timing are perfect as is his reading of the crowd. He breaks up the “monotony” of the quick fire funnies with either showing the audience pictures, reading emails from his agent and some other odd behaviour along the way with occasional callbacks to previous jokes and then nicely ties it all together at the end. He draws his audience in and includes them periodically, although it’s not always obvious what he’s doing, you know he’s up to something that will shortly have you in stitches.

The show has quite an intimate feel to it so the pleasance bunker was a perfect setting but I feel Mark could fill a much bigger space. He comes over as a very personable man who makes what he does seem effortless. The audience age ranged from late teens to 70’s and it was suitable and very enjoyable for all.


Reviewed by Sharon

Pleasance Bunker 2

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