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Maddy Anholt: Rent Girl 3*** - One4Review

Maddy Anholt: Rent Girl 3***

| On 17, Aug 2016

Maddy Anholt has fantastic rapport with her audience from start to finish of her show. She gets to know a few people then selects a couple of men from the front row to keep returning to, playfully flirting with one as she goes. The show is based around the vast sum of money she has paid in rent over the last 10 years in London, comparing it to prostitution.
Maddy begins by telling us a bit about herself and her heritage, finding out she was part Persian gave her a sense of the exotic. We hear about her life growing up in Devon and her move to London shortly after leaving school. She was naïve and looking for any kind of work but her advert may have attracted the wrong sort of response.
We are shown VT footage of various places she’s lived compared to where a true Persian Princess should live. She discusses decisions she’s made with work, love and housing and the moral dilemma’s facing most people who want a nice life but at what cost, often referring to Dutch Jesus, aka her dad, for advice.
There are jokes, puns and amusing anecdotes throughout. Maddy is a very confident performer and tells a story well.

Reviewed by Sharon
Gilded Balloon Sportsman
17.30 to 18.30
Until 29th

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