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Eleanor Morton – Angry Young Woman 4**** - One4Review

Eleanor Morton – Angry Young Woman 4****

| On 09, Aug 2017

Eleanor Morton was dubbed as the poster child for awkward, usually seen with her trusty ukulele or mini keyboard singing her quirky ditties. But that is no more!
New Year 2017 and she reinvented herself. She may look similar to the other Eleanor, but this is a feistier model, she does say she is not good at being angry really.
She has a different approach to life. She has changed, or tried to, but things got a bit in her way.
She loves reading, loves history and has a lovely twist how she would programme Who Do You Think You Are? She likes to put a feminine twist on movies too, fielding male dominated films but changing them to female from random audience suggestions.
There is more a smattering of feminism in her material be it exploited movie stars, unknown scientists and heroic nurses. She also has questions to ask about the brides’ role at weddings. She questions VAT on feminine hygiene products and regales us with etiquette questions about an intimate examination.
He material is well researched and written, plenty of laughs and this is a good showcase for the new Eleanor, yet I’m pleased to say there are still touches of her former self left however.
Reviewed by Geoff
Stand 4
Until 27th ( not 14th, 21st)

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