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Steve Bugeja – Summer Camp 4**** - One4Review

Steve Bugeja – Summer Camp 4****

| On 09, Aug 2017

Steve Bugeja is a very personable comedian who can write and tell a story like the best of them and the particular tale he is showcasing this year was back in 2009 when as an eighteen year old he worked for a summer at Round Lake Camp in the USA, a camp that is designed specially for kids with autism.
Bugeja relates the endearing and funny story introducing all the major players fellow councillors Tom, Lara and Hobbsy and a few of the campers especially CJ his particular charge. But is Steve being totally altruistic?
With the aid of a few photos and the excellent writing and a not insignificant acting talent, he brings all the characters to life and they become almost tangible as the piece unfolds. This involves many a slip, a little heart break, a disappointment or two and notable success in the case of CJ.
This is not laugh a minute stuff but there are plenty of laughs, a dose of pathos and a bit of ahhh factor throughout and it is really a very pleasing way to spend a Fringe hour.
Reviewed by Geoff
Just The Tonic at the Tron
17.00 to 18.00
Until 27th ( not 14th)

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