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Jonny Pelham: Just Shout Louder 4**** - One4Review

Jonny Pelham: Just Shout Louder 4****

| On 12, Aug 2017

It’s been a busy year for Jonny Pelham with many changes and a new-found confidence. Being fairly inexperienced romantically he decided to give internet dating a try, he amusingly describes his physical flaws which he thought were getting in the way of previous romantic success, however, Tinder has opened up a whole new world both personally and professionally giving him an abundance of humorous material for his show. Tales of his relationship and dating experiences go down well with the audience with many laugh out loud moments.

Growing up in a family of academics he has, until recently, lived fairly introspectively but has now decided to get out there, let his voice be heard and get involved. He talks about the state of world politics and is now engaging politically instead of just using his academic prowess negatively, writing off any attempt at change.

Jonny has some excellent observations and can find humour in the strangest of subjects. He talks of disability, celebrities visiting sick patients, his family and childhood, growing up with psychiatrists for parents and his elderly relatives. He describes the type of property a skint comedian can afford to rent in London and how he belongs to a generation that can never afford to buy their own home, all peppered with very funny punchlines.

This is an entertaining show with lots of laughs and well worth a visit.
Reviewed by Sharon
Gilded Balloon Balcony
19.45 to 20.45
Until 27th

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