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The Little Prince and the Pilot 2** - One4Review

The Little Prince and the Pilot 2**

| On 12, Aug 2017

The Little Prince, first published in 1944, is one of the best-selling books ever published. It has been translated into over 300 languages, and there have been many small screen adaptations to boot. It tells the story of a pilot, the narrator, who crashes his plane in the Sahara Desert. Alone, dehydrated and apparently dying, he encounters the Little Prince. He has travelled from his very own asteroid, and recounts to the pilot the story of his life.
This play is beautifully done. The two actors play a range of roles wonderfully, and use props, costumes and lighting to do so. It adheres closely to the rather complicated and imaginative story.
My main problem with this show is where to put it. It’s classified as a children’s show, suitable for those aged 6 and over, but I disagree wholeheartedly with this. At over an hour long, with lengthy dialogue, it is not for young children. The few interactions the cast had with the audience felt forced and did not add to the overall performance. Sadly, a few audience members left within 15 minutes, having decided early that their children would not sit through it.
Overall, a superbly acted play, but certainly not for young children.

Reviewed by Claire
Pleasance Green
August 13-28

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