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After The Cuts - Raw Material 4**** - One4Review

After The Cuts – Raw Material 4****

| On 17, Aug 2018

It is June 2042, but everything looks the same. James sits on his scruffy sofa and tells us this is a story of ‘needs must.’ His wife Aggie, the love his life, is ill in a the post NHS era. Everything has to be paid for – cotton wool, water, doctors’ time, and medicines. Her test results take months to appear, and with her confirmed cancer diagnosis, she discovers her current insurance policy doesn’t cover her treatment, and cancer insurance policies won’t accept anyone who actually has cancer. Desperate times lead to desperate measures and James’s skillset may be just the solution to their problems.
Yet again the Demonstration Room proves a perfect backdrop with its distinctly medical feel. This dystopian drama paints a bleak future if we do not treasure the NHS and highlights the measures people may be forced to go to if they can’t afford the treatment (such as it is) that is on offer. George Docherty and Pauline Knowles as James and Agnes have a great chemistry on stage and, despite the bickering, we never doubt their love for each other or the motives for James’s actions to save his wife. This engaging and harrowing drama is a call to arms, beseeching the government to protect our country’s greatest asset. Let’s hope that someone takes note.
Reviewed by Rona
Summerhall Demonstration Room
Until 26th August (not 20th)

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