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Alun Cochrane :- You. Me. Now. 4**** - One4Review

Alun Cochrane :- You. Me. Now. 4****

| On 08, Aug 2018

Alun Cochrane is not a dynamic comedian. He welcomes us to ‘ an hour of existential gloom’ at the top of his show… hmm me thinks he is not being totally honest here.
Cochrane is a guy in his 40s, married with kids who claims to get high on being bored, a guy who gave up drinking without having to, he really isn’t selling himself like he should is he?
But what we get is something that is anything but boring. It is an hour of his musings about life, his family including his daughters liking of cake and the lengths he thinks she would go to get it.
Not afraid to tackle the potential minefield of gender. He has dropped his normal greeting of ladies and gentleman as he wants to include non-binary people also and doesn’t want to offend anybody with his words, suggesting non-inclusion.
He is not the greatest fan of social media either feeling that they can be miserable judgemental things and tend to drive people apart.
There are a number of things Cochrane doesn’t like about himself either, he’ll tell you more, he has more than a few other likes and dislikes too, all grist to his comedy mill of material.
Cochrane may class himself as boring but there was a big audience at the show I saw that would disagree with him on that matter.
Reviewed by Geoff
Stand 1
21.40 to 22.40
Until 26th (not 13th)

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