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Nicky Wilkinson: Happy - 3*** - One4Review

Nicky Wilkinson: Happy – 3***

| On 24, Aug 2018

As the audience settle in, Nicky Wilkinson hands out sheets of stickers, and the crowd divide themselves into two teams – Movers and Shakers. She also makes it clear that the show is just about being – and making ourselves – happy. There will be no going on a journey here.

She has a wide range of things to make her – and hopefully us – happy. These include pork pies, silly games, stationery, and her own invention of a party game that turns out impossible to lose.

She covers karaoke, demonstrates making someone happy, and throws in a whole list of fun facts, which I have sadly now forgotten. Pubs, beer gardens, and of course pub quizzes, leads us to her own quick quiz.

New skills, and TV themes somehow manage to lead inevitably to an attempt, aided by audience members, to make a silly pointless world record.

Wilkinson is right, it isn’t a journey, but it is a fascinating glimpse into her psyche, and perhaps a hint of how comics, among others, all try so terribly hard to make audiences happy, and perhaps, sometimes, it is just as simple as pie, or a lovely set of shaped stickie notes.

Reviewed by Gill
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