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Science Magic - 4*** - One4Review

Science Magic – 4***

| On 24, Aug 2018

Something about a lab coat means that children and their parents are equally happy about a show. Maybe it’s the promise of mess and mayhem, and of a sneaky bit of education and inspiration combined.

Donal Vaughan manages both sides of this promise with gentle humour. There is a lot of mess. There is also plenty of good solid science in there. It’s particularly interesting that all these experiments can easily, safely, be replicated at home, (go to his website…) with simple household things and some easy-to-clean space – the sole exception being having his hand in a ball of flames.

The mess / science comes from a range of props – cola bottles, washing up liquid, lemon juice, yeast, burst balloons, and dangerous potatoes. I suspect there will be a number of depleted vegetables racks in the days ahead, and we can only hope not too many of his inspired young fans know where their parents keep the bicarbonate of soda.

Reviewed by Gill
Laughing Horse at the Free Sisters
12:00 & 13:15
Until 26th

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