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Thea-Skot Through the Heart and You're to Blame 5***** - One4Review

Thea-Skot Through the Heart and You’re to Blame 5*****

| On 17, Aug 2018

This show is a fabulous, joyful riot that is excellent fun. I found myself moved to whoop along with the rest of the crowd. Ms Thea-Skot proffers a variety of characters pulled together into one show for an explained but largely unnecessary reason (who cares what the premise is? It’s all funny anyway), supported by an enthusiastic and biddable cast recruited from the front row.

That cast’s parts are seamlessly directed by Ms Thea-Skot without disrupting the momentum of the show, and in many cases actively enhancing it. Alison herself is such an accomplished performer that choreographing audiences is apparently child’s play. Alongside the very funny character comedy, Ms Thea-Skot can also sing, has an extremely plastic face, and the ability to raise a single, very expressive, eyebrow. Even the bits that weren’t strictly funny – like some of the exposition – were engaging and interesting.

There’s really nothing negative to say about this show. Alison brings huge energy to the stage and projects it out into the audience. Her characters are whimsical and silly and consistently funny, and an audience sing-along at the end will always be a winner.


Reveiwed by Laura
Voodoo Rooms, 19:20
Until 26th

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