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Tom Ward -Popcorn Lung : 5***** - One4Review

Tom Ward -Popcorn Lung :  5*****

| On 19, Aug 2018

Back in the days, when I went clubbing, we all had a mate like this. The one who took the clubbing and rave culture too far, living it seven days a week but still he was always the one with the coolest haircut and the best threads.
Tom is that mate but now an older wiser and more reflective character. His house sitting period causes him to reflect on his love life, past, and future. He ponders why we buy bread from strangely named shops or men with cute dogs. Interaction with the audience is a key part of the show. Tom cosies up to his targets, squeezing them for great laughs, usually at his own expense.
The show is interwoven with well-produced video montage and cool tunes. Tom’s Mum makes an appearance towards the end of the show, she reminded me of Rupert Everett in his Head Mistress of St Trinians role!
During this techno section, Tom Bemoans his 3* reviews. As I ducked down in my seat, I was thinking, he shouldn’t worry.
When the show ended, the audience provided an extended and sincere ovation.
I really enjoyed the show and a wider audience should also enjoy Tom’s work and hopefully someone will get him on the TV.
Reviewed by Robert
Mash House, Just the bottle,
Aug 19th -26th 19:30

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