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Harriet Dyer: The Dinosaur Show 4**** - One4Review

Harriet Dyer: The Dinosaur Show 4****

| On 08, Aug 2019

There is an internet meme, which starts ‘hits blunt,’ and is followed by an apparently silly question which may also contain much profundity. I imagine that could describe the process of devising this show: ‘hits blunt; what would happen if you wrote a show for a person in a blow-up dinosaur suit?’ I’m not saying any mind-altering substances were involved in the creation of this show, but watching it definitely felt like one.

Harriet Dyer presents as a scatty, endearing whirlwind of apparently unrelated stories and random exclamations of the brain. The show-proper took a while to start, and either the first ten minutes were indeed random brain-firings Ms Dyer decided to just go with (in which case kudos for cohesion, clarity, and presentation), or it was entirely planned (in which case kudos for making it seem so convincingly improvised).

Take your good will to this show; be prepared to surrender your disbelief. Some of the comedy will land, and some not, and that will largely depend on the audience. This is proper silly-nonsense absurdism; if you’re prepared to go with it, this show is hilarious. Ms Dyer’s energy and commitment to the show is unfailing, and, given how madcap it truly is, she does an excellent job of grabbing the audience and taking it with her to the end.

Reviewed by Laura

Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose

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