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Sarah Johnson's Guide to (Im)Practical Parenting 4**** - One4Review

Sarah Johnson’s Guide to (Im)Practical Parenting 4****

| On 12, Aug 2019

Sarah Johnson is as mumsy as they come. She and  some of the audience had a discussion about how moist Edinburgh has been these past few days while we were waiting for the rest to get their coffees. Ms Johnson fetched some paper towel so a particularly soggy gentleman could mop himself. It’s just the kind of person she seems to be: genial, helpful, kind – just a comforting air of gently familiar mumsyness.

That’s not to reduce Ms Johnson to one dimension, but it does mean the show has a relaxed and entirely non-threatening feel to it – even more so because Ms Johnson performs in her pyjamas. There may not be huge belly laughs in this show, but it’s warm, and funny, and generated an atmosphere of companionship and goodwill.

The show’s about Ms Johnson’s fears that her children aren’t able to play without technology, and her attempts to rectify this. It includes anecdotes from the whole range of Ms Johnson’s life; how she and her partner got together, her childhood and his, and stuff about their children. All of which demonstrate those other dimensions Ms Johnson has, including judicious use of both pathos and comic filthiness, often juxtaposed with demonstrations of silly things to do.

A warm and friendly stage presence presenting an entertaining hour.

Reviewed by Laura

Heroes @ Dragonfly
14:00 (until 25th)

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