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Alexis Dubus: 3-Star Show 4**** - One4Review

Alexis Dubus: 3-Star Show 4****

| On 11, Aug 2023

Just to throw a spanner into the works, it has to be said that this is at least a 4-star show, no matter how hard Alexis tries to straddle the EdFringe starcluster midway, and that the shows EdFringe description maintains that he is a “performer truly at the middle of his game”.

The subterfuge is compounded by the bemusement of some of the audience who were expecting Alexis’ alter ago Marcel Lucont onstage. But instead Alexis is in character giving a performance oddly similar to a workplace presentation by an uninspiring and rather dull 40 year old, which it has be said that some 3-star shows do feel very like, and always have, and probably always will.

The 3-star theme quickly becomes apparent with supposed 3-star reviews being projected behind Alexis onto a screen. Some laughs, lots of chuckles, and still rather a lot of bemusement. Don’t you just love the Fringe.

One of the supposed reviews on screen, read “Still using Powerpoint presentations” Three stars. How apt, and snigger-worthy.
And in keeping with a 2023 Fringe theme, there was “Another ADHD show” Three stars
Another said “Likes to embellish anecdotes to entertain” Three stars. Yes, Alexis, well done on doing just that to justify the shows title.

But then to break the repetition, another quote flashed up as “Yesterday I gave a 4-star review, and I’ve been angry about it all day”.

This unusual show is such a giggle for those Fringegoers who get that the entire thing is one big overarching joke, plus lots of jokes thrown in.


Reviewed by HJ on 10 August 2023
Just The Tonic @ La Belle Angele
3-13 August

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