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Paul Sinha - Pauly Bengali 4.5 **** - One4Review

Paul Sinha – Pauly Bengali 4.5 ****

| On 08, Aug 2023

To many, Paul Sinha is synonymous with the Sinner Man from, ITV’s The Chase, or maybe as a Celebrity Goggle Boxer, but of course long before that he was, and still is an excellent standup comedian, and in recent times has added pithy songs to his repertoire also.

The Stand’s Newtown Theatre Grand Hall is a vast space, but the huge audience watched in awe as the man’s comedy talent, biting satire and delightfully written material drew loads of belly laughs filling the space entirely.

The material was wide ranging, Sinha obviously related stories from The Chase, his obsession on facts, and his on going medical issues, he even gives the crowd a few quiz questions as well, his ethnicity, sexuality, having Parkinson’s disease and now sleep apnoea, but where he really is at his best is when he is expressing his opinions on politics and discusses his dislike of tabloids. Never afraid to name names a fellow comic or two also come under fire, yet others deservedly, get his seal of approval.

This was an hour that went all too fast. The writing was as always excellent, the songs funny and of course the comedy ability was never in question.

Take my advice, catch him while you can. He may not be able to be doing many more Fringes and you shouldn’t miss out.


Reviewed by Geoff

The Stand’s New Town Theatre Grand Hall

17.40 to 18.40

Until 27th (not15th)

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