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Priya Hall: Grandmother's Daughter 4**** - One4Review

Priya Hall: Grandmother’s Daughter 4****

| On 06, Aug 2023

Priya Hall is a lovely Welsh lady who delivers a superb hour of common-or-garden stand up. You could imagine her on Live at the Apollo, and being received very well. She’s got it all – the stage presence, the delivery, the pacing and rhythm – and, covered in the first ten minutes, material for perhaps three entire Edinburgh shows. Here, however, that’s just context for the main event: tales of trying for a baby, and how she got to that point. Ms Hall’s family history serves as framing narrative, including, notably, stories of her delightfully punk grandma.

There’s little preamble in the show. Ms Hall announces herself on stage and then we’re off through an hour that mostly maintains the energy until the end. A little bit of audience interaction demonstrates her skill, but there’s no reason to avoid the front row. Ms Hall presents as a likable, friendly presence, and she’s got the skills and the stories to win over almost any room. A full room in my show, so get your tickets early for an entertaining hour of comedy.


Reviewed by Laura

Monkey Barrel 2

16:20 (1hr)

Until 27th (not 11th)

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