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Vix Leyton- Antihero 3.5*** - One4Review

Vix Leyton- Antihero 3.5***

| On 21, Aug 2023

Vix Leyton is a Welsh comedian who has just turned 39 and feeling the pain a bit of being 1 year away from a milestone birthday, and a mother who thinks she should have children by now.

Vix boasts being a ‘people pleaser’ and what better way than stand up comedy, making people laugh. She shares life’s dilemmas and the extremely funny ‘say it as it is’ opinions of her mother who seems to have a habit of finding dead people!
Topics include Facebook, Mother’s Day, Phillip Schofield, hotel room TV’s, stolen washing up powder, funeral requests and an unexpected visit to a Spa in Swindon!

Vix then let’s us into her love life, touches on online dating and how to seduce a customer while working on the checkout tills in a superstore, however misinterpreting signals leads to a different kind of threesome date that doesn’t go quite as expected!
Applying for a job in a club to get near to the attractive barman, again doesn’t quite end how she expected.

Vix hardly took a breath as she delivered a flawless performance to an almost full audience with some notable moments of hilarity. Keep up or you might miss the punchlines.


Reviewed by Steve
The Stand Comedy Club- Stand 4
13.25 (1hr)
Until 27 Aug

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