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The Abrupt Son 3*** - One4Review

The Abrupt Son 3***

| On 20, Aug 2023

When Cynthia’s husband dies during her pregnancy, she’s expected to mourn but she doesn’t care as he’ll never hurt her again. However, she’s pregnant with his child, a bond still with the father. What if her son turns out to be like him? She needs to ensure this can never happen.

The story is told through Cynthia’s interaction with her son. An intense performance is played out on stage as we learn about the trauma of how the pregnancy came about, the revenge she inflicts on her son, her determination that the son will not turn out to be like his father, losing her identity and not wanting to play the part of a widow and a mum.

This drama, which tackles the difficult subject of the long term impact of domestic abuse was performed by two amazing actors, playing the part of the mother and son. They brilliantly captured the emotional balance of the mothers bitterness, anger and motherly instinct and the innocence of the child with a curiosity about life that included wanting to find out more about his dad.

Throughout this performance you are completely drawn into their relationship, leaving you hoping they can resolve their issues and move on with their lives. Fantastic acting throughout but I felt there were times when the plot became a bit confusing.

The Space on the Mile (Space 2)

17:10 (45 mins)

10th – 19th (except 13th)

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