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Yippee Ki Yay (The Die Hard Parody) 4.5**** - One4Review

Yippee Ki Yay (The Die Hard Parody) 4.5****

| On 04, Aug 2023

This show title needs no introduction or perhaps I’m being biased towards a certain age group. Obviously based on the Hollywood blockbuster Die Hard but with a cast of one (Darrel Bailey), playing all the main characters. The question was, could it be done? In a nutshell, yes!

To begin with Bailey sets the scene, he’s in a relationship that is going south and suggests watching Die Hard to draw inspiration from Bruce Willis character, John McLean, one man against an army, odds against him but lost causes can still be turned around.

Bailey enthusiastically takes us through the parody of Die Hard picking up key scenes from the movie while doing his best to mimic the voices of all the main characters. His John McLean voice is excellent and his Hans Gruber impression is not to be missed in more ways than one!

The beauty of the performance is not just Bailey’s skill to play all the leading roles from the movie or to add multiple moments of comedy throughout including some memorable props, it’s his ability to maintain a rhyming script throughout the performance that enhances the quality of the show.

A must see show for all Die Hard fans!


Reviewed by Steve
Guilded Balloon, Museum Auditorium,
17:45 (1hr 15)
Until 27 Aug (not 9, 16 or 23)

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