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A Village Fable - One4Review

Middleton Drama WI present ‘A Village Fable’ based on the novella “In the Suicide Mountains”. Four tales in one based around a village where the river ran dry years ago, supposedly caused by the six-fingered monster. The story of Chudu (Wyatt Weber) a humpbacked, dwarfish, goatherd who is blamed for every misfortune in the village. He hides away for 100 years under the bridge over the dry riverbed, but nothing changes. Armida (Ruth Pferdehirt) the gypsy girl, who dances in bare feet and once danced to the moon, looses her mother. Her father remarries and she gains both a stepmother and stepsister, but runs away after her stepmother attempts to kill her. Finally Prince Christopher (Drew Smith) the youngest of the Kings 15 children and only boy, who loves music more than anything.  At sixteen the King dispatches his son to kill the six fingered monster and return water to the kingdom. The three climb to the top of Suicide Mountain where they meet each other and through cooperation fight the three-fingered monster. The ending? Go and see the show if you can! With beautiful costumes and some lovely voices this is an interesting and unusual show. ****

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