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Barbara The Vampire Slayer - One4Review

Barbara is an ordinary housewife with a family of five kids. It’s ok for her to make us laugh but please don’t let her laugh, as in her own words we might unleash a flood. If her entry isn’t spectacular enough she then directs her own re-entry to the venue, gets you to meet each other, play a game of the price is right and to top it all she gets us all to sing and dance to cheer ourselves up.

All this before she reveals she is the chosen one and that tonight at half past midnight the HellMouth opens and we have five minutes to save the world before she gets the bus home.

If you are reading this you must assume we succeeded in our fight last night and her special housework fight moves, the Hoover, the remote control, the toilet door and the duvet taught to us, her allies, worked.

There were some people who enjoyed the show up to the video and others who hated it voicing their dislike along the corridor. As for me?

I loved it had a great time and wouldn’t hesitate to go back again.


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