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Confessions of a Toilet Attendant - One4Review

We see the ins and outs, the comings and goings of a ladies toilet in a typical nightclub. The female attendant takes note and tapes conversations possibly using them to her advantage. The public rarely see her and even when they do they treat her as well as they might a used tissue.

The nine strong company remain nameless as programmes ran out before I got in to the auditorium, seating about 20 on that day.

We see three underage friends who fall in and out during the night. Two older married women who are out for fun and just don’t want to grow old. One transvestite and his friend in fancy dress desperate to use the loo. The same transvestite with his transgender friend. A young drunken woman in her late teens or twenties who actually interacts with the attendant and finally a young couple trying to have s**.

This is a well-written and performed piece of light theatre with one or two fun songs. The set is dominated by three toilet doors which can both be opaque and translucent they are inventively cleverly used.

A very short show but worth spending the time to watch.


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