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Mick Sergeant: Ah, shit! It's Mick Sergeant - One4Review

Tall, skinny, great arse but totally obsessed by the fact that he is a real man "I used to build ships". Mick Sergeant can’t get over the fact that the backbone of the British shipyards has been broken, even after 14 years (I think that’s how long he has been out of work). Regular visits to his job centre see him still asking for ship building jobs. This obsession of his almost became irritating. His other passion is his manliness but I wouldn’t have the heart to tell him his moustache is more 80’s gay than 21st century manly. Working his body so hard he attempts press-ups on stage. I saw a little of Mick during Arthur Smiths preview at The Stand Comedy Club Edinburgh and was impressed enough to go to see him during the Fringe. Slightly disappointed, but only slightly, as I felt he concentrated a little too much on certain areas of his comedy whilst other areas were glanced over. This initial experience won’t put me off seeing him again but hope he changes some of his contents. I’d say he is probably more a mans comedian than a woman’s but still definitely worth seeing. ***

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