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Uncle Orchard & the Seagull Sisters - One4Review

The inspiration for this show is Checovian, long drawn-out discussions about doing things and looking for love, stories without resolution. Eric Schrode has taken/amalgamated several of his better-known plays, extracted scenes and storylines, mixing them up into a modern day comedy! Comedy yes I did say comedy. This hilarious show is well written and superbly performed by older members of this high school ensemble each character seemingly written specifically for the actor. Some of the audience were singing the shows praises even before it started, having seen it three or four times, by the end I had joined in. David Hyman as Abner Abernathy, Olivia Sandoval as Olive Openheimer, Sammy McGowan as Christopher Park-Magnuson, Spencer Case as Justinian John III, Andrew Pattison as Joseph Oldham, Tessa Williams as Contessa Chamberlain, Lauren Schaffel  as  Florence Fleck and Kyly Zakheim as Virginia Puir. An extremely funny show well worth the effort of starting a show at 23-00. ****

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