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Everybody Hates Chris (Neill) - One4Review

To review someone on the third last day of the Fringe is a shame in the sense you are unable to publicise the show as much as you would like, also it is possible the performer is not quite as enthusiastic as they might be. With Chris Neill the former statement is true, I am sorry not to be able to tell more people about his show, the latter is harder to decide as his delivery is fairly laid back. Playing to a sell out gig Chris admits to have stolen ¾ of his show title directly from the C4 show ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ about the childhood of American comedian Chris Rock, obviously the ½ the title is absolutely correct as he is Chris Neill, but the first part is distinctly untrue as we all seemed to love him.  He starts the performance covering the fact that stand-up comedians frequently don’t know how to start their shows.  In just a few minutes they are expected to bond with the audiences, capture their imaginations and set the scene for exploration of the shows topic.  Apparently Fringe Festival shows are expected to have a theme, if this is the case Chris covers fame, success and celebrity.  His first tip is once a year write down the things you have achieved in doing over the past year. This appears to be cathartic to a certain degree, even if some of the things were, having your home repossessed, failing to be able to install a wireless router in to your computer his list goes on. Chris has recently got back in to reading and shares some of his finds with us. He has also been looking into what people perceive a claim of fame to be, what famous people we get to meet and the situations we meet them in. Chris Neill has been on our wish to see list for the past 4 years and we were delighted to see his full show for the first time in 2006. His laidback, yet forthright, humour is an absolute delight, giggles alternate with belly laughs and I look forward to seeing him  in 2007. ****

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