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I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change - One4Review

Alana Bell, George Rae, Rachel Spurrell and Jez Unwin provide a treat in words and song of the musical revue by Joe DiPietro and Jimmy Roberts. From the title the theme of course is romance and sometimes the loss of romance. Experiences of dating provide a rich source of amusement, revealing the anxieties of the dating game. There is the couple in a long term affair trying to imagine which of their early dates will put some freshness into their relationship. There is the macho male who on a film date starts to feel the tears coming as the film moves to an emotional climax. From dating to marriage and a marriage ceremony is performed which is the opposite to the ‘happily ever after’ scenario. The pitfalls of marriage are explored, and there is a moving scene involving the long married couple and how much do they really know each other. Finally to old age and the loss of a life partner but there is a twist involving a chat up at a funeral. The show concludes with a rousing performance of the song which is the show title. At the end the performers and the accomplished supporting musicians received rapturous applause. This is a production of great energy, wit and style. My only criticism is that at times the music tended to drown out the performers in the quieter sections.     ****

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