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The Spitfire Grill - One4Review

As the third of four musicals presented this Fringe by The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (RSAMD) I was looking forward to seeing ‘The Spitfire Grill’, this is the UK Premiere of this musical. Having already seen ‘The Jonah Boy’ and ‘Zanna Don’t’ I knew I was in for a good show as the cast is taken from this years graduating post-grad students. Percy (Nicole Rowley) arrives in Gilead, Wisconsin grasping a page from a travel book, a picture of Copper Creek near Gilead in autumnal colours. The Sheriff Joe (Derek McGhie) takes Percy to the local grill house where Hannah (Rosemary Amoani) the grill owner is not getting any younger. Percy starts to settle in despite Hannah’s nephew Caleb (Gerry Harkins) and the town gossip Effy’s (Sam Blaney) best efforts to cause unrest in the town. After Hannah has an accident Calebs wife Shelby (Stephanie Callow) helps Percy run the grill, these two start to develop a deep friendship. Although The Spitfire Grill has been up for sale for ten years there has been no takers. Shelby and Percy advertise the grill in the national newspapers, “for 100$ and a letter saying why you deserve to win the grill”, the next owners will be decided by the choice of the best letter, or will it? The cast may be small but the talent is huge, the book, music and lyrics are superb. Some of the musical numbers were very memorable like ‘A Ring Around The Moon’, ‘Something’s Cooking at the Spitfire Grill’, ‘Ice and Snow’, ‘Shoot the Moon’ and ‘Forest for the Trees’. For once this musical is written with its three leading ladies in mind and each one played her part beautifully. From the first notes of the music to the final bows I was totally enraptured this is yet another CD I hope to add to our collection. If you can only see one RSAMD show this year make it either “Zanna Don’t” or “The Spitfire Grill". *****

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