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Lunch With The Hamiltons - One4Review

Since retiring from the Political Stage, Christine and Neil Hamilton have taken to the Theatrical one and settled in like bugs in a rug. The past 10 years have been quite eventful for this family as various newspapers have taken great delight in reporting. Through guest appearances as the narrator in The Rocky Horror Show, The Vagina Monologues via the Australian Jungle Neil and Christine have finally arrived for Lunch at the Pleasance Queen Dome for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. With fresh victims, no sorry guests, each day and so far virtually sell out audiences ‘Lunch with the Hamilton’s’ is fast becoming one of the hot tickets this Fringe.  The line up of guests on Friday 11th August was, Ricardo Garcia, the writer and a performer from ‘An Asylum on Every Corner’, Wayne Shepherd who is Gary Le Strange and Peter Polycarpou. After a little introduction about themselves Christine and Neil introduced each guest individually.  Each guest did a little plug for their individual shows. Between times they chatted about life, the Fringe and other basic subjects when the final guest was stuck in the Edinburgh traffic we played a game. For taking part the winner got a voucher for a meal for two at a local top class Italian restaurant. Two of the gems from the show for me are as follows; Christine agreed to do ‘I’m a Celebrity get me out of here’ only if Neil was flown out for the duration as "he couldn’t survive without his life support machine" and she is a self confessed ‘Dominatrix!’ quoted out of context?  See the show and judge for yourself. **** Ricardo Garcia: Flamenco Con Fusion 2006 at C Chambers street, 20.00 Ricardo Garcia: Flamenco Jazz Umbrella at Assembly, 23.35 An Asylum on Every Corner at C too, St Columba’s, 17.30 Gary Le Strange at Smirnoff Underbelly, 18.45 Peter Polycarpou in Gizmo Love at Assembly, 12.15  

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