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Natalie Haynes - Watching The Detectives  - One4Review

Like Natalie I enjoy watching American detective shows, unlike her I don’t have them on DVD nor do I tape them to watch them later. Natalie is a motor-mouth, no I’m not being insulting, she tells us this at the start of her show, partly to warn us and partly to get us to listen faster!  She tells us a little about herself then leads us into the premise of the show. If life were an American detective show, which detective would solve the world’s greatest problem and what exactly would this problem be?  I will let Natalie tell you what problem she decided upon and how she arrived at her answer, now the difficult part which detective to use. This is the part I’ll let her go through, she uses examples from episodes of each show to back up her choices. Needless to say I agree with her final choice. The scary thing is that despite having a full time job I had seen all bar one of the episodes she discusses! In the first five or ten minutes I thought, oh no what have we got here?   By the end it was no she can’t be finished. She might be a motor-mouth but she is also a driven comedian and I’m talking about a Cadillac not a Cortina. I had a great time and know Geoff won’t be reclaiming a ticket for her show next year if she is back. ****

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