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Abigail Burdess - One4Review

It took me a little while to warm to Abigail Burdess’ universe of slightly off-kilter, slightly bizarre characters but warm to them I did.  Ranging from a ‘yah’ supermodel to an audience hectoring Buddhist, Burdess performed each with enthusiasm, all from the confines of a wheelchair (I’m not entirely sure she planned to bring a foot injury to this year’s Fringe).  Some characters were a bit hit and miss but each raised their own particular giggles.  A musical spoof of the Lily Allen/Jamie T style of ‘British patter’ was particularly entertaining as was the spookily accurate ‘Burt’ Simpson finale. The material was diverse enough to keep the show varied and it was well held together by Burdess recovering from her ‘multiple personalities’ and sharing her old granny’s wisdom with the audience.  In addition the finale very literally brought the house down, as manouvering the wheelchair in such a confined space resulted in Burdess partially destroying her set.  However, these things happen and you can forgive this minor blip from such a likable perfomer. ***

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