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Adam Bloom: Look at me, Anybody! - One4Review

What it is about Adam Bloom I adore, I just can’t put my finger on!  I have been a fan of his since Geoff discovered him on the TV programme ‘Edinburgh or Bust’ and we went to see him for the first time. Perhaps he can’t quite be described as one of the planets Adonis’s but to me he is a really cute lovely person. Added to which he has a phenomenal comical talent, whether performing on stage or writing for his radio shows.  His humour seems to be really in line with mine as he always gets me chuckling, whether I start off in a good mood or not. He usually gets me rocking with laughter several times during the show. This years offering is actually themed Adam usually lets his imagination and stories take him wherever they will but he is concentrating on three points which he thinks would make the world a better place. His clever writing, quirky presentation and appealing demeanor Makes Adam an Adonis of comedy in my eyes. ****

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