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Shoo Shoo Baby – Never Undressed!  - One4Review

Sassy redhead Tania and blond bombshell Anna are together ‘Shoo Shoo Baby’ they are joined by the talented hunk that is Michael Roulston on the piano. Together they are rehearsing their China Spectacular, with which they are to open the 2008 Olympic games. Geoff got to see the show last year and raved on about the vocal talents of this company, I am delighted to say he, if anything under stated the quality of the performance and voices. As stated in the title of this show the girls are never underdressed, slightly overdressed, always immaculately dressed but never underdressed. The comedy, material and presentation is wickedly whacky witty and wonderful. The voices cover everything from highbrow opera to silly songs with crazy choruses with superb aplomb. The lovely Michael, who is only in three fringe productions this year, accompanies the two girls vocally and musically. I had a fabulous time at this entertaining show which finished with one of my favourite numbers ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ lets hope this show sees Shoo Shoo Baby soaring to great heights! ****

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