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The Quest for the Devine Bottle - One4Review

This production is a kaleidoscope of theatrical forms. It is part bawdy comedy, part musical, part physical theatre, part fairy story and pantomime. Sounds messy but the whole thing works. The play is written and co-directed by Richard Fredman. It draws upon the influence of the obscene comedy, Gargantua, written by Francois Rabelais, the 16th century French monk. The play opens up quietly enough in a monastery when the Father Abbot discovers that Rabelais is writing a book – an activity that monks of that time should not be doing. The book is about a giant called Gargantua. From this point on the lively and exaggerated scenes take over as we follow Gargantua’s life story from birth through school to a big battle scene involving Gargantua’s rival giant. The highlights are really how well the group of ten players individually perform and collectively combine in these scenes. There are even understandable jokes in Latin and skilfully choreographed fight scenes. Despite the implausible and confusing plot, it is enormous fun, but only on for one week. ****

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