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About Robert The Bruce  - One4Review

A commanding stage presence, superb comic timing and accurate historical research are the hallmark features of a Bruce Fummey show. His blending of Scottish history and sharp, contemporary humour works wonderfully well. There is even a touch of political satire. Robert the Bruce is probably the most iconic Scottish hero. His is an epic story of how he overcame all the odds stacked against him to win the Battle of Bannockburn to form a nation and forge a national identity. This description is the stuff of guide books. Bruce Fummey will prove he was a lucky so and so, and, but for a chain of unlikely events, Scottish history would have been totally different. In reality, the Robert the Bruce story is good ‘soap opera’ material, involving treachery, murder, drugs and sex. Bruce Fummey’s appeal might be considered limited to a Scottish audience. The night I saw him he played to an international audience, who laughed as much as the Scots and also the English. **** 

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