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Glenn Wool - Goodbye Scars  - One4Review

Glenn Wool is an immense presence on stage.  He renders a microphone redundant as he bellows his viewpoint from the stage.  However, this type of delivery suits his material perfectly as Wool is angry.  The reason?  D-I-V-O-R-C-E.  In December last year Wool learned that he was back on the market.  The resulting divorce papers contained 6 spaces in which were listed the reasons for the divorce, 6 very negative summations of Wool’s role in the marital breakdown.  To counteract this Wool wishes to present an alternative viewpoint, the positive aspects of his character, and he does this in the loudest, brashest way possible. Wool’s opinions are forthright and he unleashed them rather than delivered them to those in attendance.  Even at such high volume the clarity of his ability to deliver laughs shone through.  The only low point of the set came when Wool decided to question the number of people leaving the venue due to the weakened state of their bladders.  At this point Wool got into banter which he didn’t manage to turn into laughs and it proved a rather tedious part of the set. This blip notwithstanding, Wool has managed to turn a devastating personal experience into something very entertaining.  He may well feel bitter but this never impinges on the enjoyment felt by the audience as he delivers a whirlwind of a performance. ***

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