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Return To The Forbidden Planet - One4Review

Since I first saw the musical in London I have loved ‘Return to the Forbidden Planet’ and seeing it on offer by Hartshorn-Hook Productions  I wondered what they could do with it in one hour? Actually unless you know the musical well this production stands on its own two feet or should I say its clystron generators, the costumes may have that kitsch B movie feel but the verve and enthusiasm of cast is refreshing. In comparison with the vastly funded West End production the majority of the cast act, sing and dance they play a variety of musical instruments. The one thing against seeing any Fringe show early on in its run is that you know it is going to get tighter, slicker and adapt to its surroundings. The advantage is that you get to see great fun shows just before they are discovered and start selling out. With one or two new twists and adaptations on the original I found myself clapping along and wanting to join in at the rousing finale. I would not be in the least surprised if it develops a Fringe cult following, well the talented, young, gorgeous cast will probably have a lot to do with it. Alex Machin, Trevor Alexander (D), Laura Holden, Marcus Kitchen, James Ball, Catherine Slater, Phil Jackson, Jessica Ballance, Sarah Holmes, Mark Forsyth and Andy Goddard. ****

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