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Spank  - One4Review

Spank is not for the faint-hearted in a number of ways.  First of all it’s a loud and lairy atmosphere, suited to a late-night crowd looking for a rollocking good time.  Secondly the show is a marathon 3 ½ hours of comedy, sketch shows, music and, on this occasion, magic.  There is a comfort break but it’s a serious undertaking. However the 3 ½ hours I spent at Spank passed by in a thoroughly entertaining blur.  The hosts Leon and John got the audience up and running and this was sustained throughout by acts of a consistently high quality.  The line up on this night boasted, Will and Greg, Richard Sandling, Isy Suttie, Pete Firman, Benny Boot, Morgan Murphy and Mark Watson.  Each act no doubt persuaded many to catch their extended shows. The show carries a warning that it may contain nudity but this all depends on whether there is any performer brave enough to strip off for the 60 second ‘ Naked Promo’.  A minute where anyone is given free reign to plug their show, provided that they do it in their birthday suit.  My night saw a rather brave young man get up on stage and proceed to plug somebody else’s show, which shows a certain dedication to their promotional undertaking. The quality of the night, of course, will often depend upon the audience which surrounds you.  However if you are promised acts of similar quality throughout the run then you should definitely give it a shot.  Go see Spank, you will love it. *****

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