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Vincent - One4Review

I have never been what you might call an arty person in that I do not often go to galleries and look at pictures I am however aware of some of the "Masters", Vincent Van Gogh" being one. The fact that the UK Premiere of the one-man show ‘Vincent’ is being performed this Fringe under the TTI & Guy Masterson banner was one contributing factor to encourage me to go and see it. The other being that it was written and initially performed by Leonard Nimoy (Mr Spock). Jim Jarret has been performing the work for 10 years and has given over 1000 performances, whether the production chooses the performer or the performer evolves in to the subject I just don’t know but I was amazed just how similar Jarrett is to some of the self portraits projected on to a large canvas on stage. My admiration for solo performers is well documented and Jim Jarrett does a very good job alternating between the main character Theo Van Gogh and his brother Vincent. Theo unable to talk after his brothers funeral takes the chance at this gathering of friends and family to say now what he could not then. This history is taken from letters and writings from and about the artist. This is an interesting informative production well performed and directed by Jim Jarrett includes projected images of paintings and drawings both well known and lesser known. **** Once again it is part of TTI & Guy Masterson productions along with ‘Reasonable Doubt’, ‘Scaramouche Jones’, ‘Weights’ and ‘Absolution’ all reviewed in theatre.

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