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Anthology - One4Review

I don’t think the Fringe would be the Fringe if it weren’t for Fringe institutions like Andrew J Lederer. If there were, it would certainly be less entertaining, so I was pleased to go and visit his latest model Anthology Vol 6 as part of the Laughing Horse Free Fringe and give it a test drive so to speak. Lederer always seems to be a laid back chap and I have never seen him more so on the day I attended, together with quite a few others. He opened proceedings and generally got people laughing both at hi and to a degree themselves with his own inimitable brand of humour, and explained the concept being that comedians turn up and tell true stories about their lives, not just doing part of their show. Lederer has made this tried and tested concept, and one that seems to work well. The day I attended where was a few stories from Michael Fabbri, who is performing at Stand Comedy Club IV. He was followed a young Geordie by name of Kai Humphreys, who is up in Edinburgh for the ‘So You Think You’re Funny’ competition at Gilded Balloon, and this lad seems a natural comic to me if his anecdote are like his normal set. The closing act was the legendry Lynn Ruth Miller, who even at 70 something is still doing several shows a day who told an absolutely charming story of he childhood. Now this show runs almost every day throughout the Fringe and the line-up changes daily. I thoroughly enjoyed the hour spent and if I get a chance will certainly visit this again. As part of the Laughing Horse Free Fringe there are no entry fees to be paid, all that is asked is that a donation is made on the way out whatever you can afford.   ****

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