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Ava Vidal: Remember, Remember the 4th of November - One4Review

Remember, Remember The 4th of November
Ava Vidal is possibly reaping some of the benefits from appearing on TV in Michael McIntyre’s Roadshow. On approach to the venue, and I wasn’t late I couldn’t see anyone waiting to go in but inside it was almost full. Add to this the fact that the TV cameras were in. No pressure then! I needn’t have worried Ava had a stormer of a show with at least 80% of the material being new to me. It has been a short while since I saw Ava and in my opinion she has gone from strength to strength and I was left wondering just how much material she had had to leave out because of time restrictions. There has recently been a bit of a thing about the lack of good female comedians, it just goes to show they are not really looking at all. Wow Ava what a brilliant show here’s hoping your Amazonic talents are finally recognised by the Fringe going public. This gifted comedic lady could go show to show with most of her male counterparts and win! *****  

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